About Sparrow


Choosing Science

Your trust in science is our top priority. Sparrow was born out of our scientist-founders' frustration that most people do not have access to or cannot make sense of high-integrity scientific content. This situation leads to the spread of misinformation and pseudoscience.

To ensure trustworthy content, we work with scientists that break down the most relevant topics in their field of expertise for you.


Expanding & Sharing Your Knowledge

Scientific journals are available to less than 3% of the world. Be a part of the movement that is working to grow this number. We aim to create a new category of highly trusted and engaging content that is factually accurate, objectively true, accessible, and shareable.


Empowering Your Decisions

Your ability to make informed decisions starts with receiving credible, unbiased information. You gain access to all the sources we use to produce our digests. To dive in deep, just follow the embedded links. We prioritize remaining unbiased so you can form your own opinions based on evidence.